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White Faced Cockatiel

The White-faced Cockatiel has a white or grayish face as proven above. This is a beautiful cockatiel mutation, they stand out due to the fact they have no orange cheek patches or yellow coloring in any respect. The call of this mutation, derived from the male, within reason self explanatory. The male is the most appealing of the two sexes with a excellent contrasting white face. The female's face, however, has a greyish shade.

   White-faced Cockatiels first seemed in 1964. Today they're fairly commonplace mutations. Some very pretty Whiteface sorts are created when blended with different cockatiel mutations and each of these mixes further enhances the beauty of these puppy birds. Some of the one-of-a-kind color types they arrive in encompass grey, pearl, cinnamon, pied, and albino. "L.A." in the image above looks like a Gray White face Cockatiel, or maybe a Pied Whiteface Cockatiel.

   Cockatiels are probably the most popular of the parrot family with their primary co…

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